Friday, October 26, 2007

Stop the bus already!

We made it back to India to Moosurie but only after a long journey.
I had been thankful so far. Almost all the roads that we have been traveling on in this part of the world are very windy and I always see throw up on the sides of share jeeps and stuff like that but, thankfully, I had remained relatively naive to the experience being part of my journey. Well, that has changed. We left Pokhara on a bus bound for the border town of Sunauli. This is a 6 hour journey and we started with a very comfortable load of passengers, but....we are in Asia so along the way we continuously stop to pick up more and more and even more. So the bus is very packed which is fine but then all these Nepali people are getting sick! First the lady right across the aisle from Drew is throwing up into a little plastic bag, then some kid in the front is throwing up out the window and they are passing out bags. I could handle it for awhile and it even seemed like we got through the worst of it. There were no really bad smells because most of it made it out of the bus it was the sounds that were bad. Well, we weren't done. People continued to vomit later on. I can't even count how many people vomited during this trip but now it is strewn all down the sides of the bus and you can smell it when the bus stops and you don't have the breeze.
Apparently the bus driver is very used to this sort of thing because he just continues on the way. This was the most difficult bus ride to date. At least 20 pukers.

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Amy said...

First of all- GROSS!!! Totally Gross and I don't know how you stayed on the bus.

Second- I'm being induced on the 16th if she doesn't come before then, so you and Drew should try and come visit that weekend. Maybe that Sunday or Monday. Please??????

Hope the end of your trip is great. Talk to you soon I hope.