Friday, November 02, 2007

There"s a place in India.....

where you can't see anyone! I know it sounds crazy but it is true. We went for another short trek the last four days it was to a place called Dodital (trout lake).
It was a beautiful hike and there was hardly anyone and long periods where we would not see a soul. This was much more my idea of trekking than what we experienced in Nepal. If you want to look on a map Go north of Delhi till you find DehraDun then go further north to Utterkashi then a little further from there is where we began the trek. We only had limited time so we made our first day a long one with a 23k hike to the lake. then we went up to the Darwa pass, a little over 13,000 ft. It felt like home!

Right now our trip is winding down. Tomorrow morning we will leave the Himalayas and head to Agra via Delhi on the train. We will spend our last two nights there and see the Taj Mahal, something have have wanted to do for a very long time. I hope it lives up to its name. Then Monday it will be back to Delhi to begin the long flight home. When we get home I will give the Bhutan portion and also add some pictures!


Anonymous said...

Hey Debby I finally got to read all of your emails! It so good to hear what you guys have been doing! I miss you and I can't wait to see you when you get back home! Brad and I google earthed your hike....saw some amazing pictures! It looks beautiful there! see you soon!

Amy said...

hey you're missing the season premiere of the amazing race. maybe your mom is taping it for you... :)

Sheryle said...

so i found it! can't wait to see the pics you're going to put up. it was so good talking to you the other day. tim and i will be up to hang out soon. :)