Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes we are back now. Sorry to any readers for taking so long to let you know.
We came back on a Tuesday with jet lag and I started working Friday and didn't have a real day off until this week.
It has been a little tiring. So now we are back and we are right into the swing of things for this winter. The problem is that there is hardly any snow around here and it has been so warm they have been having a hard time even making snow! So now it is past Thanksgiving and there are still only 2 runs open at Winter Park. It has been so weird. Let me tell you my athletes love doing drills on the same run for 2 weeks...
Anyway, I updated the posts from our trip with the photos pertaining to that post so make sure you scroll back through to see some pics and here is a little slideshow of the whole thing.

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windy-night said...

Hi Debby! Your blog is beautiful. It is so well done. I enjoyed your pictures and the story of your trip. You have not put much on from the snowy ski season at Winter Park. I would be curious to see what you are doing now. I don't hear much. I have a new blog too. The address is I am Windy-night or Aunt Gail Cheers!