Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I was rafting in Nepal

Yep, that is the answer... When people ask about the new scar I will have on my forehead, that is the answer.
On the 15th we bagan a 3-day rafting trip on the Kali Gandaki river near Pokhara. I got to raft about 10 minutes when we came to a Class 4 rapid. Right before the guide told us about the rapid and what we needed to do not to get stuck in the hole where there was a big rock on the left. As we were floating into the rapid we watched the raftin front of us flip and then proceeded to do exactly what the guide had said we should not do. A very large reactionary wave on river right sent the boat straight down into a big rock on the laft effectively splattering all the people on the left side of the boat right into the rock. I, apparently took the brunt and got a large gash on the forehead just above my eye. Not as much blood as the last time and thankfully not the force of impact. I had to get out and we hiked up the small town that was nearby. There was a small clinic right there on the main road.
I got about 4 sutures for a cut that is about and inch.
Quite the experience. We hiked back down to the camp and stayed that night but the next day I had to head back to Pokhara, being that you are not supposed to raft with stitches. So, I am fine we got an extra day to relax here in Pokhara before we go on a short trek and then head back to Inida.


After Stitches

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Natalie said...

You guys are so hardcore...that is all I have to say. Amazing...