Monday, October 22, 2007

Nepal and other things....

So other than the part when I decided to head but a rock we have been having a really great time in Nepal. First, we went to The Last Resort and went bungy jumping on the second highest bungy jump in the world. Yes, I finally got to go bungy jumping. It was soo crazy. Wow that is quite the feeling!

Anyway, we were really interested in checking out this particular resort to see how they had done things for our ideas in Bhutan. The place was great. The next day we went rafting on the Bhote Kosi. Drew kayaked that one and I rafted and yes, I made it through the whole trip. After that we spent another day in Kathmandu and then made our way to Pokhara. Then, as you know (if you read this at all) about our trip on the Kali Gandaki. The last 4 days we went trekking in the Annapurnas. We did a trek called Poon Hill. It was very fun. I was actually surprised by how nice the tea houses were. You could order all kinds of food, they had hot showers... Not quite how I picture trekking but maybe that is because I think more backpacking. We have another day to rest here in Pokhara and then we are heading back to India. The Last Resort Poon Hill with our guide Fish Tail I am glad to know that the Broncos finally had a better game this weekend. I was beginning to think I might be glad I was missing all those games. The what is going on there? They finally are good and we are missing the whole thing! My mom has been keeping me up. My uncle has the connections so he got tickets for them. So my parents get to go and enjoy the World Series with my aunt and uncle in Denver. Ane the snow! I am missing the snow. Apparently it has snowed a couple of times now. I know it is going to be a shocker anyway coming from India and start skiing the next couple of days. Okay, I will try to tell all about Bhutan soon. Stay tuned.


Amy said...

When are guys coming back????

Even though we never see you- it's still weird you're not in the state! The baby says "get home!"

Glad you're having fun!!

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