Saturday, October 13, 2007

Indian Idol

Okay, I know it has been awhile since I blogged but it has been really hard to do so through India. The internet is a little slow by the time I get through my email there is no time. So, I might try to do a few catch up blogs.

I begin with Indian Idol.
I just had to tell you about Prashant Tamang who invaded my life for weeks. Well, Indian Idol is a very big deal here. Especially when you are in the hills of Darjeeling district and one of the finalists is a lowly Nepali from Darjeeling. Everywhere we went there were "Vote for Prashant" signs. On our way in they even would stop all the share jeeps on the road to collect money to send in more votes. "This is unprecedented" people would tell me as they frantically sent SMS votes in during the final hours of voting. It came down the the final show starting at 9pm 3 hours after the voting closed. Everyone was wathcing waiting for the verdict, Prashant or Amit. Just after midnight it finally came Prashant you could hear all the screaming and cheering all over the city of Kalimpong. Fireworks were going off everywhere! Prashant Tamang the Nepali Gorkha is the new Indian Idol!
Well the following day consisted of all the school kids parading through the streets and dancing and celebrating in the middle of town. The bad part was the following day we were going to try to go to the river to raft but everyone took a holiday! The were no taxis to go anywhere and no restaraunts to get any food. Thankfully we were able to find a small little shop to get bicuits and juice and the equivelant of Raman noodles to make it through the day.
If you want to see more you should definately go and google Prashant. He's a big deal!
Posters everywhere!

The party the next day


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