Saturday, September 08, 2007

3 Days!

We leave in three days for our trip! Where has the summer gone? I cannot believe that it is September already and then when we get back I will be skiing almost the next day.
In case you don't know, we are on our way to Asia for two months. We will be traveling in the southern himalayas beginning in India. We are going up into Sikkim and then we will travel across Bhutan (so excited) and then back into India and make our way back towrads Nepal. We are going to go up into Nepal for a few days so we can see Kathmandu, bungy jump and go rafting on the Bhote Kosi river. Then we will go up north of Delhi, to the Taj Mahal and then home in November. We will probably be doing some more rafting on some of the rivers. Drew really wants to get on the rivers up there. So that is our tentative itenerary in brief. We are really excited to go and we leave on Tuesday (we're not scared to fly on 9/11 and it was cheaper).
I don't know how many opportunities I will have to give any readers an update on here but I will try at some point.


Susan said...

Have a great time on your trip, it sounds amazing! We'll see you when you get back for some of that much anticipated skiing. Love, Susan

Brad & Elizabeth Fleming said...

Hope you guys have a fantastic trip. We look forward to hearing about it upon your return! Brad