Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Glutton for punishment"

Yes, that is what he called me! One of my old coaches from ski racing and former Pike's peaker called me a gluttton for punishment after seeing me at the bike race on Saturday. I know, I know it is possibly partly true. Most people do rest after doing the Pikes Peak Marathon rather than going out to do a bike race six days later. I had to do it though! I couldn't hold myself back. I was in second in the series and if I didn't do the race I would have been taken out so I had to hold off the girl behind me. I didn't go out to win or anything I figured I wouldn't do very well, it was the King of the Rockies: Tipperary classic race, which is almost 26 miles of mostly great single track riding. However, I started up tipperary I started slow and continued to feel surprisingly well! I ended up 3rd in my division and held onto my second place overall for the series. Also, I won the "road rash award" and got a $50 gift certificate to the Wild Creek/Untamed. Yes, that does mean that I crashed again. Don't worry I have not bumped my head at all. Now to add to my skinned knee from Pike's I have a skinned elbow and side, I am a little bit of a mess.
Here are my pics.


Love Me said...

You are such an animal!! But, you better watch out cause your sis is making a comeback. It's a good thing for you that we are in different age categories :0)
By the way, thanks for the help today. I would have been very discouraged cleaning up that mess without you super arm scrubbing power.

Jamie said...

hey!! sorry it's taken me so long to catch up with you...I;m glad you're doing well and are keeping active! (there's no way i could even think about doing those races, I'm out of shape!) email me soon...