Saturday, August 04, 2007


Wow it has been awhile since I have written in here sorry I have been so busy working. Well, I have some time now because I have a few days forced off of work.
Yep, Thursday when we were throwing boats onto the trailer at the end of our trip apparentlly I didn't duck enough and it took off my head. Well... at least it slammed my head into the trailer and then to the ground maybe. I don't really know I don't remember any of it. They had me on a backboard and an ambulance almost there by the time I remember anything. Apparently I didn't blackout but I was only A&O x 1 which means I was only alert and oriented to who I was. I didn't even remember the last 20 minutes of the raft trip or the fact that it was August until about the time we got to Vail Medical clinic. Well, there was a lot of blood for a very small cut of course, I only have two stitches in my head but it is very bruised and hurts. So, because of secondary concussion possibilities I am not allowed to do much for a few days, which meant I couldn't do the bike race today and I have missed a couple days of running for Pike's.
I am okay if anyone was concerned. My head hurts!


Susan said...

Yikes, that sounds pretty unpleasant, I'm glad your okay, and I hope you can enjoy your forced vacation!

Amy said...

Tim wants to know if that ends your skiing career? :)

When is Pikes? Yes you can stay with us! Don't know when we can come up- I don't work the weekend of the 18th- or maybe Labor Day since it's a Monday and Tim will be off work. We'll look at our calendar. When are you done with the river stuff on the weekends?

Glad to hear about your sister! Are they going to have an "E" baby? :)

Precious4 said...

Okay, Deb. Now you know I've been to your blog. I love you!! Hope you're feeling better today :)
Your sis

Natalie said...

Hey Debby!
I just wised up and clicked on your name from one of your comments - I didn't know your new site address! And, I seem to have lost your email address =( So, email me okay?
I didn't even know your sister was pregnant! Tell her congrats for me!