Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Get the heck out of Delhi"

Okay, I know I am back tracking. since I didn't have a chance to blog early on I am catching up now. This should have been the first one of our trip.

We arrived in Delhi after our plane out of Denver was delayed over and hour and we only had a half hour layover in chicago to begin with. We barely made our flight to Delhi so needless to say our bags had no chance. we decided it would be easiest to just wait for our bags and then go on from there. Well that laft us in Delhi for three days rather that overnight. Traveling in Delhi is very difficult and we thought somewhat miserable. Anywhere we went people saw the white skin and it was attack time! How much money could they get from us. So, we decided our new phrase was "Let's get the heck out of Delhi". We went to see a couple of the sights but would get so sick of peopl all over us we were tempted to hide in our hotel.
We did, however find a very great guest house that was a reasonable price. The Wongden House in the Tibetan colony... very nice people it was a refuge.
And then we got the heck out of Delhi and escaped to the mountains of Darjeeling. What a contrast traveling here was ten times better!

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