Saturday, May 09, 2009


Last week on Drew's four days we decided we had to get out of town to do something! We went to Fruita to get some warm sunshine and ride our bikes! It was a great time. Our friend Brian met us over there so that was good then Drew and I could take shifts going for rides. Brian even took a turn with Ashlyn and had a party! It was a lot of fun. Ashlyn is a great camper so far, good thing since she is our daughter I don't think she has much choice. :) I think we wore her out the first day she couldn't make it to bed time. Yum! Thanks, Brian, for the Elk stake! In other news, my title got taken from me at the Spring Splash! broke my 6 year streak. Maybe only skiing twice this year and still having 20 extra pounds had something to do with it. Lame... oh well I still got some money!

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