Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WHAT! Him!!!

Apparently I can't watch the bachelorette while I am pregnant. Okay, first a little bacground. This is a show that I don't usually watch anyway because I hate the concept of everybody getting mad and all butt hurt about opening up and about hte bachelor being with other people. Hello, idiot, you knew that was what the show was about in the first place when you went on! The problem is sometimes if I do watch I get hooked by the absurdity.
Anyway, I have watched ONE episode this season but then I was bored and ended up watching the last two weeks. Well, I ended up bawling during the end of the show when she had to let the guy go. I guess I was kind of shocked.
I just thought this funny and absurd that I can cry at a show that I don't really like and I haven't even watched much of....
ah pregnancy...

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Anonymous said...

every time I see this title I think you're having a boy. :) Then I realize it's not a new post.

Do you feel the kicking?