Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'll be brave

Okay so I guess I can put up some pics of my baby bump. It has just started and for the past weeks it hasn't begun to look like a pregnant belly yet but like I was just chubby. That is so much fun

So there it is my begining baby bump at 16 weeks.


c&v said...

Yea for the baby bump! I look forward to seeing more :)

Susan Kaye said...

You look great!

Jamie said...

How exciting! You look really great! I wasn't that brave...ha! Hey, my brothers are in Winter Park at the Navs camp this summer...they're working there. My one brother started his first year at CU last year and got involved with Navs there. Do you guys work the camp or know anyone there?

Jamie said...

How did you get the ticker on your blog? I want to put one counting to Joel's birthday on our blog. I went to baby-gaga.com and created one but didn't know how to paste it into blogger.

Oh and your ticker says your 20 weeks pregnant, so does that mean you've found out if it's a boy or girl yet?! I think 18 or 20 weeks was about the time we found out...unless you want to be suprised :)