Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mt Hood

Well I made it! I survived 10 days of summer ski camp. I find that summer camp is exhauting normally but being pregnant made it really exhausting. Getting up at 5am and skiing from 7 to 12 then having dryland in the afternoon makes for a full day. If I didn't use my hour between lunch and dryland to sleep I never would have made it. That hour was my sanity. Aside from a few days that I got tired and crabby (sorry girls) I think I did alright for most of the trip. It came down to the last four days when I had afew emotional breakdowns. These swings from just being tired to walking through town bawling were all brought on by minor things from other coaches. :) It is good to be home. We did have our share of exccitement too. One of the girls got stung by a bee and had a mild allergic reaction making her hand swell like a balloon. Then on the way home we had one pass out in Subway because she doesn't eat and they called the ambulance. She was okay. I definately don't get paid enough! All in all it was a good trip I don't want it to sound all negative.
Its good to be home now.

So today is my birthday! I can't believe I am 27. I feel old. :) I am now the same age my dad was when he moved here to Winter Park. He never left. SO, I am now 27, been married 5 1/2 years and I am 14 weeks pregnant. I think next year will be very different.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday!! Yep, we're officially old :) It's ok, being old has its perks...I'll let you know when I think of one! Just kidding! Having kids may be tiring but they're really fun and insanely cute too!

Susan Kaye said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you're never leaving Winter Park???
And, why did you take off the ticker that was telling me what your baby is doing???????? Was I leaving too many comments? :)