Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Yay! It has actually gotten warm out this week. It has been crazy this winter it just keeps snowing and then it is still cold when I go to work and I wonder what month it is. But the last two days it has actually been really warm! It is so exciting. It is at the end of the season now when I am kind of fried Junior Olympics are over and I am ready to ride my bike now. The problem is, I know the ski area is going to close and then there will be about a month where I go crazy. Skiing is done but there is still snow everywhere so I won't be able to bike and it will be muddy and gross an it will probably snow!

Anyway, things are good. I have races for the rest of the week and I am just hoping that it stays nice and doesn't rain. Right now I am bachelorettin it (like my made up words) cause Drew is down kayaking the Grand Canyon until April. I hope he is having fun. That makes it a little quiet around the house but I have been so busy I could barely notice until yesterday when I finally had a day off. It was great, I cleaned my house.

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Anonymous said...

Drew's kayaking the Grand Canyon?!?!?!?!?! Crazy!

i forgot to say that we'll be in Denver on Saturday if you want to try and meet up.