Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hot in AZ, Cold in CO

"Good morning here are a couple inches of snow for you on this first day of May, just in case you hadn't had enough of it all winter" Welcome to spirng in Colorado. by the way... did I miss April???


-Drew came back from the Grand Canyon refreshed and ready to go back
-I finished up the ski season strong with the athletes
-I did race the Spring Splash again and win $350 but I was a little disgruntled about the fact that the male winner won $800! What is up with that!!
-The ski area closed with a base of over 100 inches! so we decided to get out of town.
-I got a new bike so that I can race fast this summer and beat everyone!
-We went to fruita and spent a couple days biking and then we had to take it easy so I could rest up for my upcoming race. so we went down to Zion and did a hike there and then headed through Sedona AZ and then went down to North of Mesa so I could run my spring kick-off Xterra triathlon.
That went pretty well I knew I wasn't race ready yet and I would get worked some. Well, It was stinking hot on race day!!! I thought I was going to die but I pushed through and made it. I ended up taking 3rd in the age-group and 15th overall. kind of middle of the roadish.

Now it is May and it decided to greet us with snow! Currently unemployed for the off-season and I need to find a summer job... ugh
Lots to catch up!

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