Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, I just finished a week of hard training and racing with my athletes and I am wiped out. You would think I was the one doing it all.
This weekend we had the J3 Junior Olympic qualifiers here at Winter Park. It turned out to be a great weekend. 5 of my athletes qualified for JO's in two weeks in Vail. All of them did a great job at the races.

Now I am sick because I never rest and I am outside all day coaching so I have this cold that has been barely hanging on for a month and now it has flared again. I am trying to lie low and just get rid of it now. But, you know me and that is very difficult especially since it is getting nice out.

Well, that is all right now sorry it is nothiing too exciting.

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Anonymous said...

Work and school has kicked Tim's butt this semester. Plus he has class on your days off! Really I do want to get up there- are you guys kayaking again this summer?

Isabelle wants to know if she's going to have a friend anytime soon? ;)

Way to go on all your ski team stuff- is the season over yet?