Monday, December 22, 2008

Do what...?

I find it interesting that an impending due date makes everyone think that they need to tell you the "tricks" of going into labor. This started for me as soon as I was 37 weeks!! Seriously! 37 weeks!! that is barely inside a month away from my due date. Yes, I know that I am full-term at that point and definately ready to be done but seriously, if she was going to come then I think it would happen and nothing was really going to be the magic trick.
What is with all these tricks anyway? It is almost as if everyone thinks that because they happened to do such-and-such right before they went into labor, that makes it the secret to inducing labor. I'm pretty sure that you were really just ready to go into labor and it would have happened wether you drank your raspberry tea or not.
There are so many of them too! Here are just a few...
You have the usual... glass of wine, bounce on a ball, jump up and down(that sounds like something I want to do right now) drink raspberry leaf tea, and of course sex will make it happen. But I have also gotten some that I hadn't heard. Message the magic pressure point inside your ankle about 4 fingers up from the ankle bone, don't drink to much and get a little dehydrated (interesting concept), push pressure on the roof of your mouth while sucking your thumb, eat pizza, etc. I am sure there are more that I can't think of right now. But all of these I have heard at least once in the last 3 weeks. Pretty sure they are all a bunch of wives tales, I have now tried many of them over the last two nights and nothing...just as I expected.
I find it interesting though that people have such a need to tell you the secrets of going into labor or to tell you how it is going to be labor, motherhood and all. Really?!?
Anyway, I will get off of my ranting now! I am ready to have this little girl! Only four days! I wouldn't mind at all if she came today but I really don't want to spend Christmas in the hospital so if not today she has to wait until after and based on my level of comfort today sounds fantastic!!

Here is the latest pic! Taken 38 almost 39 weeks in all my hugeness of pregnancy!

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