Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas time

I am loving the fact that I have a little time this week to relax and get the house decorated. I was fighting off getting sick last week and am still a little bit. So it has been good to take it easy. I need to get better and get some energy back before this baby can come.
Yesterday we decorated the house for Christmas. I love doing that it always feels so cozy. Maybe I will curl up and watch a Christmas movie and nip this cold. Drew is on shift so I am all by myself.
Also, I pretty much got the nursery cleaned up and Ashlyn's bed made so I am ready to go. Oh...except for that whole packing for the hospital thing. I have that half done. Not really sure what to do. I probably should finish that since I really don't have much time left. Any tips from those who have done this?


Jamie said...

I love decorating for Christmas too! Hope you get better quickly! We always watch "It's a Wonderful Life" which is one of my favorite movies.

So I packed this giant duffel bag and totally didn't use most of it. I think I thought I was going to be there longer than I was and then we went home sooner than the projected time. If you're breastfeeding, you definitely need a nursing bra and pads. You will need an outfit for the baby to go home in. You need a very comfortable easy-to-put-on outfit to go home in. Drew should pack his own little bag or backpack...Justin had a change of clothes, snacks, important hospital paperwork, checkbook, and gadgets such as cell phone charger. I brought a pillow and nursing pillow which was helpful because our hospital pillows were unsupportive pancakes. The hospital provided us with diapers and a bunch of other stuff that we ended up needing. Also, if you're really in need of something, I'm sure someone like your mom can always go get it for you! Having overpacked, I am thinking now that less is more!

Jill said...

OK, here is my two cents after doing it three times.....
You should buy yourself a cute pair of socks or slipper type socks, that are very eye catching. They draw attention away from your terrible looking body and give someone something to compliment you on (since they probably won't tell you you look great!)
Bring some Lansinoh breastfeeding cream and the same brand of nursing pads, they are awesome! I totally agree to bring the boppy pilow.
Also, really tiny clothes for your baby to come home in. I actually bought preemie clothes for my 6 and 7 pound babies and they fit perfectly. And really huge clothes for you to come home in (sorry).
We also brought our guide to the first two years baby book (Dr. Sears) to the hospital and that was very helpful in figuring out what was going on with breastfeeding, diaper changing, etc.
Good luck! I hope it all goes well for you.

Jenny said...

I totally agree with Jamie, don't over pack! I had a c-section, and was in the hospital for 4 days, and really didn't need much! I just used the hospitals gowns and brought my own socks and stuff. Bring a nursing bra, and pads. A nursing pillow is great to have, and your own pillow from home!! Some snacks for you afterwards nd have Drew pack some snacks and some clothes for himself. The hospital provides diapers, wipes, a shirt and a hat for your baby during the stay, so all you'll need is a going home outfit for the baby. Don't forget to pack a camera and video recorder if you want! Good luck, I'm so excited for you guys!!