Tuesday, September 23, 2008

26 Weeks!

Yep I am now 26 weeks and almost into my third tri. I guess I have to keep putting up the pictures now. I actually think I am looking pretty big now.

Also, being the indecisive person I am I thought I would get a little input on the name! So I am putting up a poll! Please place your vote in the upper right corner!!


c&v said...

Yea! You look great Debbie! I love the names too. I voted for Avery but like them both:)

jenny said...

You look great Debbie! You're on the downhill now ;o) I came to late to vote, but I really like both names!! We just scheduled my c-section for Nov.17th. The time can't go fast enough!! I don't think I can get any bigger ;o)

Anonymous said...

you can't have Avery! That was in the running for our next kid. :) But, it guess it's ok if you take it.

looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

Jamie said...

Hey! You look awesome! I didn't get to vote, but I know you guys will pick the perfect name for Baby Sullivan! Picking a name took us a long time, but it totally worked out! We'll be praying for Drew as he travels! Hope the 3rd trimester is going smoothly and super quickly!