Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We had our Ultrasound on Monday and we are having a Girl!! Yep thats right she is a girl and I was wrong. Now I am having to change my thinking a little for a girl. I just thought it would be a boy so I had boy names that I liked but no girl names and now I can't even think of any. I'll get there though. Of course we are excited and I am happy to know. She gave us a very good view too! There wasn't really any doubt. Good baby! I was so nervous that she might not cooperate and we wouldn't find out. I finally feel like I can start planning somewhat. I already have a whole box of clothes too. There are all 6-12 months but my sister held on to them for me when she found out I was pregnant. I think she was pretty happy to get those out of her house.
Since we found out I have spent alot of time looking at girl names and Nursery bedding. I hadn't really done any of that yet, now I sense some urgency or something because I only have 19 weeks and I think it might be gone before I realize especially since part of that is November and Decamber which always seem to fly by.

Here it is!

That's me 21 weeks and our baby Girl!


Susan Kaye said...

How exciting! Yeah for baby girl Sullivan! Looking forward to seeing you three this weekend! :)

Jamie said...

WOW! Yay, congrats! I'm so excited for you! Baby Sullivan is so lucky to have such a Godly woman and great mom-to-be as her role model! It will be so much fun picking out clothes and things (yes, even though you're not a girly girl (which is a good thing!) it will be lots of fun!). Joel's excited to have new a little girl friend :) It's funny, all of my friends' kids even at church are girls...guess he's going to be a ladies man early, lol!

jenny said...

Congrats Debbie! You look great! I'll post a pic of me soon at 27 weeks, I'm huge!! You can pass your boy names to me, we still don't have a name!! Here is my blog:

c&v said...

How exciting! Girls are so much fun:) Well....that is all I know so far but it has been great! I am so happy for you and cant wait to meet her!