Sunday, June 17, 2007


Yep, I got second in the bike race I did yesterday. I was very happy with this improvement over last weeks last place in the hill climb. Apparently I do much better when it is single track and I get to race up and down. Yesterday was the mountain circuit race in the Winter Park Mountain Bike series. I had been planning on doing my second Xterra yesterday but when I wnt to register for the race I couldn't get in because it was full. So, I did the bike race.
The really great part was that I actually won something in the raffle! I am one of the people who never wins anythiing. So they were getting down to the last three prizes and I finally won! Guess what I won...
A half-day raft trip with our competitor guide company. Oh, the irony. So, being that I spend close to every day on the river and I have done that trip at lest 13 times in the last 3 weeks. I traded the girl behind who had one a gift certificate. She had never been rafting and really wanted to go.

Well, in other news the guiding is going really well especially now that the weather is getting nice. I have actually had 3 really warm days on the river now!

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Susan said...

Nice work on the bike race, and that is just too funny about the raffle!