Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yep, we are back. We came back early because the weather is lame. But, I suppose I need to start from the beginning.

We left last Tuesday and went down to colorado Springs. We had some meetings at navigators headquarters. We met with the Asia director to talk about some of our dreams and it went very well. Lets see what happens in the future there are so many descisions.
The best part, however, was getting to see all our friends. We saw Jake & Jamie, Aaron, Janice, & titus(what a cutie), Matt, Tye, Sheryle, LeighAnn... and Of course we stayed at tim and Amy's and stayed up too late talking. Miss all you guys.
Next day we headed down to New Mexico and stayed with Samuel, Susan, Meagan, Sam and Eleri. That was another great time getting to spend the evening with everyone. I can't believe how big Eleri is already!

We took a leisurly pace over to Arizona and stopped at some cool ruins. Of course, I like that stuff being an Anthropology major. This is the pic of Montezuma's Castle. these were ruins of the Sinagua people.

Xterra Triathlon
I know, I know the most exciting part... Well, we finally made it down to Mesa and the race venue and got the last little cabin right there at the sight. Mostly because Drew didn't want to drive all the way back in to mesa. So, have to say that I was a little nervous. Let us count the ways: 1)first triathlon ever 2)only trained about a month 3)first open water swim 4)hadn't ridden my bike outside yet...
5)Its a race!!
Well, when all was said and done. Things went well and I am hooked! I think I should be a professional and take on Jamie Whitmore and Melanie McQuiad :)
but really, it wasn't too bad for my first go. I got 14th over all and 4th in my agegroup. Now with some hard training and experience I should be able to imporve on that. Actually the bike portion was the best part of my race I 7th overall in the thta. So I am pleased. I guess I will put up some pics but they aren't very good. I am racing!!

Cheese! I am ready to go!

Swim, bike, run (after the takedown)

Well, after that it all went downhill. The plan was to go up and take an overnight into the Grand Canyon. But when we got up it was snowing on the rim. We didn't really want to hike.

That's us trying to look happy anyway.

So we just continued on up to Canyonlands where we were going to spend some time. woke up to a sunny hour later, big, wet, snowy blizzards! So...we continued on the Moab...pouring rain. We were very upset by this time. The whole point was to go away somewhere warm. so much for that. Being utterly depressed and defeated we just came home. Next day, winter storm warnings and a foot of snow.


Susan Sullivan said...

Congratulations on finishing the big race! And I like to hear that after one race you are considering turning pro... :)

Jamie said...

Hi, Debby! Congrats on your race! Sorry to hear the weather ruined the rest of your trip. It was great to see you!