Monday, April 16, 2007

The Real Plunge

Yesterday was the annual Spring Splash at Winter Park. This has become an end of the season tradition for me as it is for many. I had to race to defend my title. I am a 4-time champion.
The Spring Splash is a race held on closing day at Winter Park. Competitors are pushed out of the start gate backwards then they turn around and rush into a bamboo jungle, then they race down through an obstacle course to the bottom where they fly into an icy pond and try to make it as far as they can (or not). The finish line is about 3/4 of the way across the pond.
This was pretty exciting. Rather than the normal small lip that you ski off right into the pond it was built way up. So, my regular method of just skiing right into it would rather drop me at least 7 ft. probably more which only allows sinking and not skimming. As Erik (brother-in-law and 7-time men's champion) and I stood on the launch we decided the only way to go was to pop the jump and try to fly as far as possible, then he tells me that I am his guinea pig. Great! I was the last girl to go and, of course, none of the other girls went for it or did anything but crash right into the water. So, I came guns blazing and launched! Crowds went wild because that was the first big one they had seen. you should have seen the faces. I did make it past the finish line aiborne and was only about 4 ft from the end of the pond.
I defended my title well and won $350 and a season pass (not sure what I can do with that since I am an employee). It was a fun day. Erik won as well, we like to keep it in the family.
Here is a little video clip. Unfortunatly it is not the best (not sure what my dad was thinking where he was standing). make sure you look hard when I go over the pond I kind of blend in with the snow and the crowd...

Well, tomorrow we are off to the south for a little warm vacation fun. We are heading to Albequerque first to see Samuel and Susan (Drew's brother) then it is over to Arizona where I will take on my first Xterra triathlon. Just a little nervous.

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