Wednesday, September 07, 2005

They're here...

The Advance interns are finally here and we have hit the ground running!

We got back on Saturday from our week backpacking in the wilderness. We started off with this trip to help the group bond quickly, teach them some life lessons about trust, perseverance, and teamwork. A week in God's creation is also a great way to center their focus on God and His glory. It was great to spend a week outside again like our old Eagle Lake days. It is also a lot of fun to have a group of people who understand what your teaching them and grasp the concept behind what you are doing. We really enjoyed being able to apply things to missions as well.

We have a great group of interns for this first year! They all have diverse personalities and are all unique yet all drawn together this year by a passion for the nations and the lost. It should be an interesting and exciting year. The group has come together really well in our first week and they really pulled together through various trials and challenges that we put them through last week. They all have great attitudes and passionate hearts.

Pray that the program would be effective and that we would be able to invest in their lives throughout the year.

PS. Notice that we put a link for more Advance Photos on the right.


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Leigh Ann said...

These are really good pics! GO ADVANCE! Wooohoo!!!!