Tuesday, September 20, 2005


We finally had a weekend off! That was good since things have been a little crazy since Advance began. However, the weekend off was tainted for me (Debby) I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. So, my time was spent trying to recover. I am doing better but still sore and swollen, I can't just eat regular food yet and that is really frustrating.

Advance things are going really well. Everyone right now is feeling a little pressed for time as the schedule is kind of busy these first weeks. Yesterday and today they are doing a personal contribution assesment with the People Resources Team here at headquarters. They go through personality, spiritual gifts, roles and values to help them discover their design and fit.
Also, you could look at the blog of one of our interns, Carleen, and see what they have to say.

Short-term things are going well too. We finished and made the big mailing of our new summer brochure. Being in charge of getting this done this year was a little scary for me at first but I have been really encouraged by positive feedback about this year's brochure. Check out the new trips, (the link on the right for usimg).


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Leigh Ann said...

I HATED getting my wisdom teeth pulled! No fun. That is so strange that that was written before I even moved out here...
And by the way, your brocure was great!