Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ogden for "Ashlyn's" race

It took me along time to get this one up.  Somehow the last weeks have flown by and been crazy even though Ashlyn is visiting Nana B and the cousins. 

USA Nationals
I always love traveling out to Utah this time of year for Nationals. The colors were a little behind this year so we didn't have quite the stunning color out on the course but still good.
Ashlyn and I headed out early on Thursday to make the drive across the desert in time for me to get a little spin up on the course. She was excited, of course to see cousin Didi and Nana B. She was also looking forward to "her race" even though it is not a real triathlon. :)  It makes for a long day but we did make it and I headed up to get on the bike course.  I didn't get up there till about 5:30 which I forget, now that I am in CA that these places get quite chilly in the evening.  It was beautiful to ride the course at dusk though.

Friday was a nice relaxed morning went for a swim and a short run and then the afternoon was spent at race expo getting packet and then watching Ashlyn have some fun. This girl cracks me up.  She is a fun kid.  I really only have pictures of her from the event so I will post those.

She is ready...


 I ended up going to check out the pre race banquet since I actually won the Regional age group championship this year! 

I think it also took some time to write up this race report because I didn't feel like my race was great. It was one of those hard ones, where you can't really complain because I still finished well, but for me it wasn't what I know I am capable of.  Also, upon re-reading my report for last year it was strikingly similar!
I had been feeling pretty good going into this race but the day before was feeling a little tired but tried to pass it off as pre-race nerves and heightened sensitivity. Unfortunately, race day proved that was not all it was. 
It all started with the swim somehow getting all screwed up.  I got in a good warm up and had a good start thrashing along with all my competitors (I am getting more comfortable with the fight).  But as I swam the buoy seemed to take forever. As I came around the lap, I was wondering if they changed it to a one lap swim and I wasn't listening but no luck, all those ahead of me turned to make the LONG lap 2.  I felt like I was swimming well but when I got out of the water I was 11 minutes behind my goal! I knew then that it was all messed up. Apparently the buoy floated off. OOPS! Not a real big deal but giving the good swimmers that extra half mile is a lot to make up on the bike!  Not to mention the legs just didn't have it.  Started out alright getting warmed up but first competitor, Megan Sheridan passed me very early which didn't bode well.  Near the top the legs just didn't have much.  I felt heavy. I am wondering if the altitude is affecting me. I have never thought about it since I was always coming down.  Second threat, Maia, passed me a couple minutes before T2. Since she is a gazelle I have no shot at catching her running! 
Started out the run strong for about 2.5 miles then whenever the course started climbing again the legs just cramped.  I kept pushing on and ran hard the last mile and half downhill.  I held in there for 3rd in my age group, which is great!  But I was a lot slower than past, not just due to the swim, which was disappointing.  I still earned my qualifying spot for Maui XTERRA World Championships.

I had really been hoping to go to Worlds this year but I wasn't sure how to make it happen since we had no money to spare. Then the government shutdown caused Drew to work for 2 weeks without pay making the idea even more dismal.  But through some amazing friends and some great supporters I have gotten most of the money I need to make the trip!  I am so grateful for the friends and family that have given me so much support already and how the Lord cares about all the small things and provides!
 Currently I still need about $200 for travel and lodging.  If you feel like you would like to help me with my trip to race for a World Championship title I would be grateful! Every bit is helpful. I only need like 10 people to give $20 or ....whatever math you want to do :)



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