Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Xterra Moab

It was so nice to get out of town this week into some sunshine. It was snowing yet again the two days before we left for Moab. Needless to say we were ready to get out of town and actually ride our bikes. Drew, Ashlyn and I left on Thursday and drove till we hit sunshine and warmth! We arrived a little later than we hoped but we did get a great camping spot at Ken's Lake where the triathlon was being held. Our spot was actually right on the run course! Because we got in late we weren't able to get riding that day but we did manage a post dinner hike up to Faux falls which was the run course.
Friday morning, Kim and I set out for a little pre-ride. At first I was a little worried when we climbed the road for awhile and I knew that it was out and back double track. I was hoping it would be a good technical bike course. We got on the Steelbender trail or "Flat Pass" and it turned out to be a very technical bike course. I had a fairly relaxed afternoon with Ashlyn and getting thing ready and nice camp dinner.

Race morning came and it was a little chilly as we rose early. I wasn't really pumped on jumping in the 58 degree lake (glad it wasn't 55 like out in Santa Cruz!) I got a little warm up in and was feeling pretty good my sprained ankles were not feeling bad and I was ready to race. I allowed plenty of time to get in the water and get my feet and face used to the freeze.
The swim went pretty well, I felt good and was about the 6th woman out of the water!
I hit the bike hard to try and catch those top girls! Felt pretty good all the way out and saw that I was 4th at the turnaround and then I had a little bit harder time on my return. Had a few small crashes but also stopped for a fellow racer who went down hard just ahead of me. I stopped to see if there was anything more I could do he hit his head pretty hard. Continuing I came to the end of the bike and out the last little climb both quads cramped really bad but I pushed through I tried to fill up on water and nutrition down to transition. I was really excited to use my new Newton's so I slipped them on and headed out onto the run course feeling pretty strong. My shoes felt great! Light and fast and my ankles felt good however, I was getting some occasional cramps during the run and had to keep taking shot blocks. I felt good going into the second lap. I made it to the water fall and was on the final couple miles when I rolled my ankle all the way over again and went down in a heap. I was so mad that I just re-sprained my ankle (mix of fatigue and over confidence in it) but all I could think was "get up and run quick before the pain sets in!" So that is what I did. I grunted my way to the finish and ended up winning my age group! It will be really great to actually be able to run a race with out and shot ankle!

So the rest of my time in Moab which was supposed to include lots of time on my bike turned out to be just some quality time with Ashlyn while Drew got some good time on the bike. I wasn't allowed to ride at all in case I came off my bike on the rough stuff. Ashy and I had a great time though and enjoyed the warm whether and some ice cream!

Now I have 2 months to focus on rehabing my ankle I only have bike races until Beaver Creek on July 16. I am really hoping to get this ankle strong by then and have a strong race!

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Aaron said...

hi i believe I'm the guy that fell in front of you hitting my head. i was knocked out so don't remember any of it but i looks like you stopped to help. thanks for stopping - i really appreciate it. aaron