Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On our way!

Okay! Christmas with the family has been celebrated as well as Thanksgiving. felicity has been watched. We have packed and repacked our 5 bags at least 3 times. They are now loaded. Carry-ons are ready. Passports on the desk. E-tickets are printed. Good-byes have been said. Ashlyn has taken her last bath. Christmas cards are almost ready. The house has been cleaned. The 'to-do' list is officially all checked off. I think we are ready. Now I am sitting down to relax and watch one more movie with my parents.
I can't believe that tomorrow we head over the ocean to spend the next 6 months in India. There is, of course, a whole mix of emotions that go with this. Mostly excited but also worried about the next four days of traveling with a 10-month-old who doesn't sit still. This includes 24 hours of flight time, 20 hours on the train, and additional 5 hours in a jeep.
Now I am exhausted as I sit down to write one last post before we leave. I know it will be a week till we get settled and have a chance to update.
Farewell Winter Park. See you on the flip side.

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