Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Yep today is my 28th birthday. Wow were have the years gone. I just remember turning 20 and thinking that what crazy and reflecting on that much of my life and now all of a sudden it is 8 years later and I don't even know how that happened! not really doing anything special today everyone is working so Ashlyn and I are just hanging out together having fun! I have re-entered the world of racing this summer. I did my first Xterra post-Ashlyn on the 20th. It was good but I was slow. I am not used to being that slow but I also knew that I couldn't have high expectations with what I have done this year. Then I did the bike race for the Winter Park series on Saturday, I was pretty slow in that one too but I had fun and still got 3 that is only because there are no girls my age that race in my category. Okay that is all I have on this Birthday post! Here is a cute video of Ashlyn. Apparently her cousin Alyssa is the only one who can make her laugh.

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