Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ashlyn's arrival!

Okay so here is the story for those of you who want all the gory details be careful in reading too far if you don't want it all :)
So like I said it took awhile for our new bundle to arrive. I was just over a week overdue and really at my wits end. I didn't think she was ever going to come. So my post about all the things people say to do. I tried them all! I mean all and multiple times nothing did anything! I had been having contractions for over a week but they where just like braxton-hicks ones that would never actually turn into anything more. So, I decided that she was never going to come out and we had to evict her from that cozy home to bring her to ours. We were able to do this just over week overdue because we live up in the mountains so they will induce slightly earlier (don't want to get stuck in a snow storm in labor). I think the final straw too was that my friend who was three weeks behind me in her pregnancy went into labor on the First! I couldn't believe that Alena beat Ashlyn out!
So being emotionally drained I decided I couldn't handle another 4 days when they would have to induce she needed to come now.

Here is me on my last day of being pregnant before we headed to the hospital.

We went to the hospital on Friday the 2nd I was having contractions that morning and was scheduled to induce that night anyway they didn't seem to be anything crazy yet but they said to go ahead and come in since we would be there that night anyway. So of course on the way the contractions petered out so they checked me and then gave us a four hour pass to leave and told us to go and do something walk around eat a good meal and such and then come back around 8 or 9 to get going. We chacked in that night and they give you something through the night to get the cervix ready before the pitocin she told me that it hardly ever works that this just gets labor going they almost always have to do the pitocin which I wasn't too keen on. Anyway, first dose nothing much changed so I got the second dose at 2am. I woke up at 5am with real contractions that were less than a minute apart. At 6am I was about 2cm. Well that never stopped so I didn't have to get the pitocin. But I also decided I wasn't that tough because those contractions were right on top of each other so I decided to spring for the epidural. Well, that took over an hour and a half to come and then I was 10 cm and Ashlyn got a little stressed cause it went fast. So they gave the epidural and something to slow it down just a little and let us both rest. The nurse sent Drew to go get breakfast so he had energy for the hard part. Well, we had to call and tell him we were waiting for him to get back to start pushing. My midwife said "you will probably push for awhile since this is your first... an hour or two is ver normal." Then she said lets just see how things are give me a test push on this next one. So we did and she was like "good... wow okay Stop! Okay you wont be pushing that long" Then she hurried away to get ready.
Dad got back and she came back and we started pushing it took a little bit about 20 or 30 minutes to get here all the way through. Yeah!! My 8lb 4oz bundle of cuteness finally came! I am still convinced that she would still be in there if we hadn't done something.

New arrival and she loves those fingers!

The proud Nana B

A happy sleeper with her dad


Jill said...

Wow! That is so great. She looks so chunky compared to my tiny babies. It looks like those fingers in the mouth are there to stay:) Congratulations.

Jenny said...

Sounds like an adventure Debby!! So glad she arrived happy and healthy! Those epidurals are life savers. I decided to spring for one with Christian at around 6cm. Those contractions can kill! Sorry it took so long for you to get it! Try and find some rest (yeah right!) ;o)

c&v said...

Debby....she is absolutely adorable!!!!! I hope you are enjoying your new role as a Mom!

Jamie said...

Yay! Glad Ashlyn is here! What a cutie! I already think she has your eyes! Hope feeding her is going well! Don't worry you will get to sleep again...someday. Just kidding, it really does get better and better in general, and easier and easier to get sleep, I promise! Call if you need anything! Hi to your mom, she looks great in the picture!