Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Latest and greatest!

Wow! Only like 40 days left!! I think I just hit that point where I am now ready to quit being big and have a baby. I am suddenly feeling rather large lately. While time has flown I am ready for these last 6 weeks to go really fast.
Here is my latest preggo pic.

34 Weeks of belly!


Jamie said...

What did the tests from denver end up showing...hopefully nothing and that all is fine! Love the preggo pic! I remember that feeling of being tired of being big...luckily there's an end in sight :) Praying for you!

Susan Kaye said...

You and the kiddo look great! I hope you are keeping entertained, and hopefully we can get up there to see you all soon!

Jenny said...

Not much longer now!! I know, the end is a little uncomfortable and you feel like a house ;o) Can't wait to see pics of her!!!!